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Kohta is closed 24th December 2018 – 4th January 2019. Best wishes for the holidays and a happy New Year!


Kohta Zoom: Aslan Gaisumov | Intervening the Void

Time: Thursday, 8th October 5.30–7 pm

Venue: Kohta, Teurastamo inner yard. Työpajankatu 2 B, building nr. 7, 3rd floor

Conversation in English

Free entrance

Join us for a discussion about artist Aslan Gaisumov‘s works at Kohta next Thursday, 8th October at 5.30 pm.

We are happy to present our guest speakers: Georg Grotenfelt, filmmaker and documentarist, Hanna Johansson, Professor of Contemporary Art Research at the Academy of Fine Arts, and Richard Misek, filmmaker and Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Kent.

The discussion will be held in English, with a focus on Gaisumov’s video piece from 2017, Keicheyuhea. There will be an opportunity to watch the film in full at the beginning of the conversation.

Gaisumov, who grew up during the two Chechen Wars of 1994–96 and 1999–2009, has gained recognition for his visually and conceptually convincing articulations of the country’s colonial history and recent past. Working with the moving image, with objects and installations and on paper, he has established himself as a shrewd, sophisticated transformer of historical wrongdoing – and in particular the void of silence that often cordons it off – into crystalline images that unite the corporeal and the analytic, the incandescent and the meditative.

Currently on view at Kohta, Keicheyuhea is Gaisumov’s first ‘proper film’. It takes the form of a travelogue, in which Zayanu Khasuyeva, Gaisumov’s maternal grandmother, is being brought to the mountainous Galain-Chaz region from which she and all other inhabitants were expelled, wrongly accused of having collaborated with Nazi Germany. It is the first time in 73 years that she is allowed back. The car stops as close as it is now possible to get to Kayçu-Yuxe, or Keicheyuhea (the Chechen name for her native village, which can be interpreted as ‘White Closeness’). Khasueva, standing at the roadside and leaning on a too-short stick, addresses the dead quiet valley: ‘Hail, place!’

For more information about the exhibition, please visit http://www.kohta.fi/exhibition/aslan-gaisumov/.


Kohta Zoom: Martti Aiha

Time: Friday, 21 September from 5.30–7 pm.

Venue: Kohta, Teurastamo inner yard. Työpajankatu 2 B, building nr. 7, 3rd floor

Conversation in Finnish

Free entrance

We are happy to invite you to discuss Visual Artist Martti Aiha‘s solo exhibition Omakuva at Kohta on Friday, 21 September at 5.30 pm.

At the event Martti Aiha will talk about the artworks and themes of his ongoing exhibition, as well as their relation to his earlier body of work. Anna Mustonen, a contemporary art professional with extensive international experience in the field, will join Aiha in the conversation. The discussion will be held in Finnish.

The Finnish word omakuva translates as ‘self-portrait’ but its literal meaning, ‘self-image’, still seems to resonate in it. Any accomplished artist’s oeuvre is both self-portrait and self-image. Not only does it show him as he wishes to be seen (which of course tells us a lot about who he really his); it also continuously creates his self – as image and as something beneath, behind and beyond image.

A generous selection of Martti Aiha’s drawings from the last 40 years opens the exhibition. They form an introduction to Aiha’s new sculptures and paintings but they also offer some insight into what moves him to continue making work that never looks like the work we were just getting used to.

Find out more about the exhibition at kohta.fi/exhibition/martti-aiha-omakuva/



Opening and artist talk:

Simryn Gill: Works on Paper, 10 May – 1 July 2018

Opening reception on Wednesday, 9 May at 6–8pm. Artist talk with Simryn Gill and exhibition curator Anders Kreuger before the opening at 5–6pm. Welcome!

Simryn Gill (born in 1959 in Singapore) lives in Sydney, Australia, and Port Dickson, Malaysia. Audiences in Finland will remember her two exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma: her solo presentation, in 1998, of the work Self-Seeds (now in the Kiasma collection) and her participation in the group exhibition ‘Six Routes to the Himalayas’ in 2000.

More recently, she has shown her work at Lunds konsthall, Sweden, in 2017, Museum of Fine Arts Ghent, Belgium, in 2016, NTU CCA Singapore in 2015, the Venice Biennale (as the Australian representative) in 2013, and dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012.

Gill collects and makes objects, photographs, writes, experiments with various printing techniques. She often works on paper, and her work looks at paper from different perspectives: as support for images, as material for objects, as index of a process of entropic decay.

Works from two different series are shown at Kohta. Naga Doodles (2017) is a large series of prints, in etching ink on various Japanese papers with occasional stains of snake blood. A selection of these prints are pinned onto the walls of the larger exhibition space, while around a hundred prints from the photographic series Sun Pictures (2013) are shown on vitrine tables in the smaller space.

Read more about the exhibition here.


Kohta Zoom: Astrid Svangren och Monika Fagerholm

Time: Thursday, 12 April 2018 at 5–7 pm.

Venue: Kohta, Teurastamo inner yard, Työpajankatu 2 B, building nr. 7, 3rd floor

NB: Conversation in Swedish

Free entrance

Writer Monika Fagerholm and visual artist Astrid Svangren discuss the relation between writing and painting. Their conversation is moderated by writer and literary scholar Tatjana Brandt. This is the first event in the new series Kohta Zoom.

Astrid Svangren’s installation titled From Searching: Mirroring/Metamorphosis/The Last Rinsing Water/A Yellow Room/Perpetual Movement/A Kind of Thorough Rinse/Artificial Colour (2018) is on view at Kohta until 29 April. The complex site-specific work was commissioned by Kohta for an exhibition curated by Anders Kreuger.

Fagerholm and Svangren have taken the floor together before, during the Stockholm Literature Festival at Moderna museet in 2016. This was also an event where writers and visual artists came together to illuminate the boundaries between visual art and literature.



Monika Fagerholm (b. 1961 in Helsinki, lives in Tenhola) writes in Swedish. Her books are popular and have won awards in Finland and the other Nordic countries. Her breakthrough novel Wonderful Women by the Sea was published in 1994 and was followed by five other novels, most recently Lola Upsidedown in 2012. Fagerholm’s stories, known for their distinctive language and narration, have also been adapted for theatre and film.

Astrid Svangren (b. 1972 in Gothenburg, lives in Copenhagen and Oxford) has systematically expanded the field where painting can be applied. She uses various material and juxtaposes them in assemblages that often seem ‘poetic’ but at the same time form structured spatial totalities. Svangren has exhibited throughout the Nordic region, in other European countries and in the US.

Kohta Zoom is a new line of programming at Kohta. The aim is to stimulate in-depth discussion on the content of the exhibitions in conversation with exhibiting artists and other invited participants. The initiative is kindly supported by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.



Curator Anders Kreuger in conversation with Olga Chernysheva
Opening reception of Olga Chernysheva: ‘Ordered Equivocations’

Wednesday, January 10, 5-6 pm (talk) and 6-8 pm (opening reception)

See the event on Facebook

The talk is followed by the official opening reception of Olga Chernysheva’s solo show ‘Ordered Equivocations’ (on view at Kohta from January 11 to February 25, 2018).





Frame Espresso: Codependence III

Thursday, November 30, 4–6pm

See the event on Facebook

Frame Espresso: Codependence is a discussion series initiated by Frame Contemporary Art Finland, advocate organisation for Finnish contemporary art. The Codependence discussion series draws out of the open call for the Finnish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2017 and the rich selection of proposed projects addressing the many dependencies and exclusions haunting the notion of independence. Each session brings into dialogue resonant recent projects by invited artists.

The third event focuses on matters more than human, featuring artists including Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen and Tuula Närhinen. The discussion is moderated by Taru Elfving, Head of Programme at Frame. The discussion is co-organized with Kohta.

Location: Kohta, Työpajankatu 2 B, 3. floor,  Helsinki (Teurastamo area, building n.7)

Read more on the Frame Contemporary Art Finland website